A Blurb about a Rapid City Jeweler’s roots


“So, in 1999 I decided it was time to strike out on my own so I left my Goldsmithing job with a prominent and well respected local / regional jewelry operation.”
“I would seek my fortunes by opening a “Trade Shop” & partner with mom and pop,  as well as corporate retail stores.  On a B2B basis throughout the five state region we would complete their jewelry repair and custom jewelry making for them.  Starting with just myself I built a jewelry repair and custom jewelry making company, in time I did recruit very good help of course.”
“Quality Service Repair (QSR) was a complete success through and through.”
We were a busy Jeweler.  Ring sizing plus tons of other related jewelry repair was pouring in through a local pickup & delivery route as well as mail out accounts.  Diamond replacement, sizing rings and custom jewelry making for our jewelry store accounts along with other giftshop and pawn shop accounts kept us really busy. At one time we handled all the jewelry repair and custom jewelry work for  more than 30 accounts!
Unfortunately, or maybe more appropriately Fortunately, we started losing some of our corporate Jewelry Store accounts. They were being forced, by corporate policy changes,  to begin shipping to corporate jeweler shops for jewelry repair.  We had to put  together a plan, a key source for our business was threatened. We decided it was time to open a local retail avenue of our own in order to bring our Rapid City Jeweler service directly to the end client. We knew that the customer would  be serviced so much better locally, and with a way better price too!
“We may have dropped the QSR name but  I still very much enjoy working with the clients that I count as friends from the QSR days”
Then in 2007 Independent Goldsmiths was born!
We bought a run down property in custom jewelry in Downtown Rapid City.  It was rehabilitated to, at least some of the former glory of it’s 1929 self.  We even did a large majority of the rehabilitation work ourselves!  It was a much needed  improvement to the 600 Block of Rapid City’s Main Street.
“I am so proud of our contribution to the improvement to the Main Street District Jeweler, in Rapid City.”
 After opening we set out to become Rapid City’s Jewelry Repair Experts, and we succeeded. In the retail store we featured a variety of local Jewelers & Artisans jewelry and other artwork. We had a good run jeweler in Downtown Rapid City from 2009 through 2016.  We have since sold the downtown Rapid City ring sizing property and  downsized.  Now The Jeweler Shop in Rapid City is of much smaller scale.  In the new Rapid City Jeweler Shop we focus on custom jewelry and jewelry repair work.  We no longer have a large retail jewelry store.
“This has been a great move and the new location  on Canyon Lake Drive is a perfect fit.  It’s almost as if the location was made  for a Jewelry Repair Place  + Custom Jewelry shop in Rapid City.  Another transition & rebranding effort is in the works and has been a fun little undertaking so far.  It is already two years into the new Jewelry Repair Place + Custom Jewelry Making Joint but I’m going to continue to take my sweet ole time on the whole rebranding front and & just continue to enjoy being a Independent Jeweler in Rapid City.”
“Maybe I’ll get ambitious with that next year!”
Chuck is now the only full time employee at Jewelry Repair Place + Custom Jewelry in Rapid City.  He does nearly all of the jewelry repair and custom jewelry work himself here in Rapid City. He does sometimes have some very good help for very busy times, and he works with other Independent Artisans on certain projects, both his and their projects.  Collaboration with other Jewelers, lapidary artisans and general friends of the trade is fun and rewarding on  both a personal and professional level.
We still offer B2B services to area retailers and Chuck has maintained a solid working relationship with several of them for more than 20 years.
“I have 30 years experience as a Jeweler in Rapid City and the past 20 of those years I have been running my own companies, which has proven to be a more than full time endeavor.  I’m proud to say that I have Founded more than one company to be listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade.”
“I do consider myself a professional Rapid City Jeweler, Jewelry Maker & Jewelry Repair Expert.  Its all about the customer here.  It is so fun to be able to help people with their projects using my skills, my shop and the tools. I am proud to say that I have built a fairly well put together jewelry shop over the years.  It’s enjoyable using the collection of tools and talent to create my favorite product of all, Happy Customers. I would have to say that the best part of the job for me is the interaction with customers who quickly become friends.  There will always be more goodies to add to the tool and toys inventory.  I sure look forward to continue to build an even better Jewelry Shop in the years to come in order to produce more smiling faces of happy customers.?  Bettering our own craftsmanship, helping other craftsmen do their thing, and contributing to the Jeweler Scene with wearable art  is what drives this Bench Jeweler to horde tools and share with their usage.” Someday I might even call myself a Jewelry Designer or Master Jeweler.    For now I will remain confidently humble knowing that I a competent Jewelry Maker.  I’m a little unsure about taking on a “Rapid City Jewelry Designer” role.  I like to think of the customer as the Jewelry Designer and I am just attached to the hands that brings their ideas to fruition.
“Thanks to anyone and everyone who has helped, and continues to help, me along the way of this relentless Rapid City Jeweler making pursuit.
And Thanks to YOU for looking,”
Independent Goldsmiths’
Jewelry Repair Place + Custom Jewelry Making