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Jewelry Repair Place’s Services

Let’s call it The Jewelry Repair Shortlist, our services are not limited to the shortlist.


  • Gold, Silver and Platinum Ring Sizing

  • Laser Welding Jewelry Repair

  • Diamond and Gem Replacement

  • Chain Repairs

  • Stone Setting

  • Prong Repair and Retipping

  • Watch Batteries installed

  • Watch band adjustment

  • Solder/weld rings together

  • Black Hills Gold Repair

  • Repair Broken Rings

  • Silver Jewelry Repair

  • Gold Jewelry Repair

  • Platinum Jewelry Repair

  • Eyeglasses Frame Repair

  • Necklace Repair

  • Earring Repair

  • Small Object Repair

  • Designed using clients wedding set

Redesigned customers gold and halo ring to create broach. 2017.


Building a new website (after some ahole ?hacked my old one and absolutely destroyed it, and kudos dude, you are SO cool) has got me to thinking back about my experiences with my career so far as a Jeweler in Rapid City. I started out in jewelry manufacturing and worked in several of the Black Hills Gold Factories learning the process of making production jewelry.  Then I  found opportunities in Area Retail Stores and learned jewelry repair and jewelry customization.  I had a bunch of great teachers along the way.

Since taking my jewelry making skills into the entrepreneurial world I have focused a ton of energy into jewelry repair.  I am proud to say that people would have a hard time finding very many other Jewelers in the region with more Jewelry Repair experience, or who have completed more Jewelry Repairs or Ring Sizing in Rapid City, than myself.  I have a buddy in the business who calls me “The regional officianato on Jewelry Repair”  and another one who calls me “Just another Repair Hack.”  lol.  Must be a matter of differing perspectives.? Both of the opinions are just loaded with sarcasm and good fun which is awesome and I luv em both!

A lot of  Jewelers don’t find any enjoyment from doing jewelry repair work.  I do, it’s not as glorious as being a  jewelry designer or doing only custom jewelry but I enjoy doing it because I know how meaningful it is to the client.  Perhaps it is because I have the pleasure of working directly with the customer whereas many of my peers don’t have that exposer and work mostly in the shop.  I get to learn about the history of the jewelry repairs that I work with.  There is often some real sentimental attachment to jewelry pieces, especially those that are handed down though generations.  I just love being able to help maintain the jewelry and give tips on how to better preserve that item for the next generation.

I also have great appreciation for the Custom Jewelry business that I have been lucky enough to have been entrusted with actually creating things that will be handed down.  I intend to focus a ton of energy into learning more Custom Jewelry techniques going forward from here. There seems to be a never ending list of things yet to learn when you are a craftsman.

Rapid City is a great and renowned Jeweler town with many fine Jewelry Makers.  The Jeweler industry in Rapid City is just brimming with friendly competition.  There seems to be just such a collaborative mindset, even among competitors, we help each other out with our strengths and don’t mind asking for some help with some of our weaknesses.  There is so much specialized equipment as well as specialty techniques in the jewelry field, us little guys just can’t do every single thing.  I am thankful to have help with things that I am not fully equipped for, and on the flip side I am happy to open up my shop to help one of my peers with some tools or talent that they may need help with.  There are some holes to be filled locally for sure, Someone who is specialized in both 3D printing and casting as an example could find a great niche in the Rapid City, and  worldwide Jeweler Scene. Especially if they were willing to cast a customers own clean metal. Given our areas history with jewelry manufacturing it is hard to believe that for whatever reason don’t have a “metal casting shop”.  I have a bunch of free ideas, from a potential customer, for anyone who would be willing to get something like that going.  Maybe even some investment on the finance end.  Just sayin’

Thanks be to you for looking,